​ Driver Education  
 Consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of driving with a certified instructor, 6 hours of observation of others, parent class, and successful completion of final exam. You will learn: Sign signals and markings, basic driving skills, rules of the road, familiarity with car controls, JOL laws, expectations of the road test, and so much more.  This will also help prepare you for the road test. In some case students get their permit prior to taking driver education classes.

Certificate Request! 
Upon completion of all state requirements; (30 hrs of classroom, 12 hours of
driving, 6 hours of observation, parent class, and successful completion of final exam.) your certificate request will be submitted to the RMV.  It should be noted that all requirements have to be completed within two year period. The state requires a payment of $15.00 in order to process certificat request; The RMV will not accept cash, so please make check payable to: “Mass D.O.T.” Jump Start Driving School will prepare all the required paper work for the certificate request and will mail it to the RMV along with your $15.00 payment. You will not be allowed to book a road test if under the age of 18 without this payment. It typically takes about a week for this paper work to be processed. 


Parent Class
   If student is under the age of 18 prior to the first class parents must attend a mandatory parent class. Parent will receive a “parent certificate” upon completion of the class. Parents that have taken the class with-in the past five years will be exempt from taking the class with proof, by suppling Jump Start Driving School a copy of the parent certificate received. Parent will be educated on the requirements and expectations of the license process, JOL laws, and much more.


Getting Your Permit
Complete an application for the permit test, see the “Resource Link”. You will need three form of identification when applying. The cost of the test is $30.00. Permit test will consist of 25 questions in which you have to get 18 or more correct in order to pass. Applicants will have 25 minutes to complete the test.  Walk-in our allowed so no need to schedule in advance. You need to be 16 years of age or older to obtain a permit.


Road Lessons
 Students will be in the car a total of 18 hours with a certified driving instructor, 12 hours of driving, and 6 hours of observation of others, The RMV only allows student to drive a maximum of two hours at a time. So students are typically in the car 9 times (6) times driving for an hour and observation of others for an hour, and 3 times driving for the full two hours. Students should feel comfortable enough to be able to drive on the road ways as they drive from student to student house. It should be noted that parents are required to drive a minimum of 40 additional hours as well, as part the driver education training received.


 Road Test Eligibility
You have to be sixteen and a half years old or older and have had your permit for 6 months or longer in order to qualify for a road test. Your permit needs to be in good shape with all information being legible, or you will not be allowed to take the test. Along with your permit you will need a completed road test application form, “see the Resource Link -Road Test Application” Parental consent on road test application needs to be completed if under 18 years of age. If consenting adult is not biological parent, proper paper work is required by the RMV showing legal guardianship.  Incomplete     


  Road Test
The RMV will charge you $85.00 for the road test fee, ($50.00 for them to issue your license and $35.00 for the examiner to test you.) This can be paid at the RMV, by phone, or on-line. We suggest paying on-line, “see the Resource Link- Pay for my road test”. Paying prior for the road test, allows you to leave with license in hand after passing your road test.  If going by yourself on your road test, you will need to supply a vehicle with the parking brake in the center console. The vehicle will have to be registered, insured, have a current inspection sticker, and pass a road test inspection the day of the test as well. If scheduling your own road test, it typically takes 10-12 weeks to schedule a road test date. You should arrive fifteen minutes early for your test, if you are late you will not be allowed to take the test. Jump Start Driving School can take the hassle out of this process as we offers on site road test at Southeastern Regional branch, Jump Start will schedule your road test, Students will use the driver education car, and get a half hour brush up lesson.  Jump Start normally schedule road test every five weeks with exams normally being done on the weekend “Sunday” See Jump Start pricing page to learn more.